Ariana Grande publicly attacked Tina!

Ariana Grande publicly attacked Tina!

After Tina stated that she does not agree with the fact that American singers and actors take lines from her songs, copy her songs, abuse her songwriting skills and use Tina´s identity to promote themselves, famous singers gathered together and with millions of followers publicly attacked Tina.

Tina revealed that Jennifer Lopez took her song Man in the kitchen without her approval; what caused the beginning of fights. "I do not work for others to abuse me, steal from me and humiliate me with lies. Famous singers claim I don't have the right to be in the industry, that I am no good, when all they do is take and copy my work." 

Tina was attacked by many singers: Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift (which also made an album about Tina, claiming and laughing she needs to calm down), Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish (which also took Tina´s song Man in the kitchen without approval), Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Blackpink etc. 

Most recently, Ariana Grande attacked the young Slovenian singer and claimed that Tina´s songs, like An Innovator, Get Up Now, Fool Moon, Man in the kitchen, Far Faar away, are about sex. She also claimed Tina missed 7 rings. The conflict went so far that Ariana made an album about Tina, wanting to remove her from the public industry. She mocked her songs and made fun of her in her latest music videos. It's no secret, that the Italian singer stole many of Tina´s songs in the past, claiming she has the right to take her work, because she has seen it and heard it on Youtube.

All rumors Ariana started about Tina are of course FALSE! Tina is a female and she does not agree with the violence she´s been witnessing lately.

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