The name of the album will be... FIRST CLASS!

The name of the album will be... FIRST CLASS!

First Class... Raise your standards! »I am happy and proud to announce that the name of the album will be First Class,« stated Tina in in one of her latest PR releases. And the album will be a follow up from a draft of a project: An innovative girl!

Tina claims that the album represents and is related to many themes; that are important in life, to more general themes including individuality, influence, family, love matters, success, despair, progress, values and vision, working till top and so on. »I named my music album First Class, cause it´s my first album, and also because it´s thematically dealing with all sorts of subjects that are related to that concept. But mainly and most importantly, because one has to put themselves first, in order to succeed in other areas of life as well. On airplanes you also have to put the breathing mask firstly on yourself and then you can be a help and be fully present with others. I just thought the name was a great metaphor for the magnitude of influence we have in life and love matters.« Album also deals with problems of realness and illusion, and the best. But most seemingly, about life in general.

Tina Osterman First Class Cover art of the album

»I think with self-love and putting yourself first, you can come a long way. You have to take a deeper look at your own values, since our values actually create our entire life and future. From our deep core we built further on. We also have to be open-minded along the way ... Just being open enough to see the seed of a better future and world."

»Amazing, life is one honest street, your company turns up my heartbeat.« (Tina Osterman, Far Faar Away)


Tina will be releasing more details about the release in the upcoming 2 months. There´s so much more to tell... We can´t wait!

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