Tina presents a song Man in the kitchen for the charts

Tina presents a song Man in the kitchen for the charts

Tina Osterman is music artist (singer, songwriter, dancer, performer and a writer) from Slovenia who made a new hit called Man in the kitchen. Man in the kitchen is an innovative and revolutionary rnb/pop song about standards in society with funkier look and meaningful lyrics. Tina wrote the lyrics, and a music producer and rapper Dosha produced the music of the song. Tina states that "Man in the kitchen is a song about a woman who is fed up with doing all the house duties by herself so she challenges her man to step in her position, follow his standards and be a Man in the kitchen."

Although Tina says the lyrics are not autobiographical, "the majority of women today in the world do most of the housework and I think if the proportion would be more equal, woman and men would understand each other better and the family life would co-exist more coherently. Studies have shown that man who help with housework are also genuinely happier with their lives. We all gain if we help each other."

New York, NY (Top Charts / Tina Osterman official website)

On repeat: Tina Osterman - Man in the kitchen


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