We are fireflies in the sky #weareallone

We are fireflies in the sky #weareallone

Tina Osterman presents a new song called »Fireflies in the Sky«, with her own lyrics and part of the melodies with a collaboration with a music producer Jure Krajnik. The song is supporting connection, collaboration and accepting our differences to make a better and more united world. “Feel peace, love and unity,” implies a

song with more of a political attitude for a change.

The song implies a metaphor that we can all shine like Fireflies in the sky, if we live with our intuition, follow our sixth sense in manifesting our craziest dreams and dream life, supporting each other as a community. We are much more successful and have a greater power in realizing our dreams.

The fireflies are a metaphor for an enlightenment that opens up new positive ways in life. They encourage us to take a risk and therefor truly get to know the magic, power and an adventure of life, so that after the darkest hour can come a dawn.

The song supports the individual and within a group – manifestation of the dreams, and more importantly – #connection and #communication of the world. Let´s dance together as one – WE ARE ALL ONE.

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