Tina Osterman is a music artist (singer, lyricist, dancer, performer and a master´s degree journalist) from Slovenia.
Tina believes in striving to be innovative and creating your own path by following your heart. She stated her motto in one of her songs An Innovator: »Some rules are always right, but some rules can be wrong, tomorrow the book will change and you’ll be an innovator. «


As a little girl she used to sing in a school choir and at the age of 12 she began private vocal lessons. Tina also started writing her own lyrics in Slovene, English and Spanish at the age of 11 years. Since then and during her school years she recorded Slovenian and English songs with her own lyrics (“Far Faar Away”, “Man in the kitchen”, “Fool Moon”, “Trenutek”, “Get up now”, “An Innovator” and a cover of a song “Jar of hearts”).

Tina believes in being a true artist and a holistic performer. As a dancer she started dancing at the tender age of 4 and at the age of 10 she joined a dance group called Sove (Eng. Owls) which was later renamed into a dance group called Angels. With this group she won a lot of championships and performed on many artistic and sports events.

Tina was also an outstanding student and she´s got a Master’s degree on journalistic studies from Faculty of Social Sciences. In October 2012 she finished a master’s degree on the topic Journalistic discourse about new health reform, where she examined journalistic reporting in relations to world health inequalities. After the final student obligation, she decided it was now time to actively pursue her artistic music career which has been her biggest dream as far as she remembers. On July of 2013 she was already featured in Australian magazine and website as a candidate of “Unsigned artist of the month”. Since year 2014 she writes articles for a health magazine called Bodi Zdrava (Eng. Be healthy).